I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. (Philippians 4:13)

I envy those who are confident. My siblings and I grew up with deep feelings of inferiority. Fears were overwhelming and robbed us of juvenile joy. Afraid to take risks, I formed an incompetent mentality.

"I can't." I did not use the phrase as an excuse.

I sincerely believed it and became accustomed to seeing disparaging remarks on school report cards. "Pamela could improve if she would apply herself." Mom and Dad never demanded more than I could give; sadly, they failed to encourage me to strive for more. Following turbulent teen years, I met my husband to be at the age of eighteen.

He had an air of Christian confidence. Seeking to lead me outside of my comfort zone, he refused to settle for my cop out of "I can't." Norm consistently corrected me by telling me that "Can't never could do nothin." His grammar may have been atrocious but his words were true. I needed to rid myself of my paralyzing negative attitude.

God's chosen people believed they could not do something that he wanted them to do. Moses sent out twelve men as spies into the fertile the land of Canaan.

(Numbers 13:1-25)
After seeing the inhabitants of the land and its produce, the spies returned. Ten out of twelve said there were giants in the land and the Israelites could not defeat them. In contrast, Caleb and Joshua tried to convince their people to go forward in faith.

(Numbers 13:26-14:7b-9)

The negative report of the majority of the spies swayed others. I confess, in fear I likely would have made the same shameful decision.

LORD God, through faith I can do what you call me to do. I can. Amen


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