My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever. (Psalm 73:26)

Psalm 73 speaks of jealousy of the foolish and arrogant rich. These people became rich by mocking and extorting men. They spoke against God saying He had no power over them and couldn't judge them. They paraded their arrogance and enticed God's people to drink from their cup and follow them.

The psalmist saw the foolish rich and experienced temptation. He went to God's sanctuary and remembered God would punish them with destruction and terrors. With his focus renewed on God, he recognized his sin and repented.

The psalmist remembered God's goodness to His children, the upright and pure in heart. God's continually with His children, holding their hand and guiding them. He honors them and gives them glory upon death with their inheritance in His kingdom. The psalmist recalled God's almighty, the true desire of our hearts, our Rock and Strength, and our Portion forever.

The psalmist testified God is not God of those far from Him. He will destroy everyone who is false to Him. The psalmist's final profession, seen from a renewed God-focused heart, contrasted with the earthly-focused heart of verse one. Instead of being a child who almost slipped, he drew near God and focused on Him, not material things. The psalmist put His trust in the Lord again, made Him his refuge, and determined to tell about God's works. He focused on God, the One Who is good to the pure and upright in heart.

Father, help us to keep our heart focused on You and not be jealous for the things of this world. Lead us to testify about You and Your works. Amen.


Follower of the Lord for 39.5 years. Missionary, Bible study writer and teacher, ESL teacher. Refugee ministry. I like being a wife and parent, reading, teaching, writing, studying, and singing. I love my family. Author of Miracle of Faith and Foundation of Faith: Bible Studies through Deuteronomy.