And he said unto her, Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace, and be whole of thy plague.
(Mark 5:34)
Perfect peace, and to be made whole of anything unclean is what this woman of Capernaum had so longed for. There was no given name for who she was. But, she was only about twelve or so years old. Her whole life, she had lived with this horrible disease, and it ruined her. Her pride was lost, and I imagine she must have felt very alone. But, what makes this story incredible is the love of Christ. He never made her feel unwanted, or uninvited. 
Jesus had walked through the city of Capernaum for miles, touching people’s lives left and right. He stopped for a moment, and turned to talk to one of the leaders. When this young woman began to pull on his garments, Jesus stopped talking. He turned to see who was pulling on his garments; then, he said, “Who touched me?” (vs 31)
He looked among the crowd of people, anxiously searching, then he noticed this woman tugging with all her might at his garments.

Instead of yelling, or telling her to go away, he calmly referred to her as his daughter. (vs 34) The term daughter referred to an act of kindness. It was a word Jesus used carefully to show his love toward her, as he knew she was already uncomfortable. But, he loved her faith. He loved that she took a chance despite what others must have told her.

The same is true for us. Despite what we go through, God does care for each of us, just as he did this women. All we have to do is have faith and trust that he will help us at any given moment. Will you trust?
Dear Lord, thank You for teaching me the value of trusting You. Amen.

Christine M Miller-Ramey

Christine M Miller-Ramey is the owner of With God Daily, formerly known as Knitted Together by God. Although her favorite hobby is being a photographer in her spare time, she also enjoys dabbling in a bit of writing. She has had several devotionals published in online websites, and devotional books. She enjoys spreading God’s Word through her written words in hopes of spreading good cheer and encouragement to those who read it. On her weekends, she spends time at the local concerts in her home town, shooting anything from Southern Gospel…to Bluegrass music. It’s her first love. But through them both, God has shown her what He desires of her, and in doing so, she desires to share her gifts with others. When she is not snapping photos or blogging, she enjoys doing crafts at home, and spending quality time with her family and her shitzu, Harley at home in Jacksonville, Florida.