I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: LORD, only makest me dwell in safety. (Psalm 4:8)

God anointed David as His chosen king over Israel. Absalom tried to usurp God's chosen king. David fled. His counselors and soldiers sided with Absalom. David could have feared and lost heart; instead he provided testimony and gave instruction.

In Psalm 4. David spoke his distress and confidence in Jehovah. He knew God heard his cries. David recognized God's righteousness and his source of righteousness. It showed he knew Who gave him blessings and is all-powerful.

After verse one David spoke to all people. He taught that God sets apart the person who seeks Him. David explained how to be a godly person, one whom God sets apart. He gave six commands to people who want to be God's child.

  • Tremble and be in awe of and fear God.
  • Follow the LORD and His commands
  • Meditate about God and His Word in your heart.
  • Be still in mind, heart, and body to ponder on God.
  • Offer sacrifices of righteousness to God.
  • Trust in the LORD.
In God, David found his greatest blessing. For David, God was worth more than abundant grain and new wine. Being in God's presence gave complete joy, contentment, and peace. Knowing and having a relationship with God gave David perfect peace. He rested from his worries and received complete refreshment. He trusted God and let down his own guard because of that perfect peace in God.

Oh Lord, please help us to trust in You and look to You alone for our guidance and safety. Help us to place our complete trust in You, so we can have perfect peace even in the tumult of our lives.


Follower of the Lord for 39.5 years. Missionary, Bible study writer and teacher, ESL teacher. Refugee ministry. I like being a wife and parent, reading, teaching, writing, studying, and singing. I love my family. Author of Miracle of Faith and Foundation of Faith: Bible Studies through Deuteronomy.