Blessed are all they that put their trust in Him. (Psalm 2:12b)

From Genesis, we hear of God's plan for a Savior of humankind. David understood this. He taught of God's plan for a Messiah in Psalm 2. For David, the Messiah would bring judgement and refuge. He would exemplify God's justice.

David experienced rulers and kings' conspiring to usurp God's decrees. They felt bondage from His decrees stood against Him. God declared through David His contempt for them with laughter and scoffing. He told of His anger and consuming fury terrifying the rebellious people.

God told David's hearers and readers a King greater than earthly kings reigns. He installed Him on Zion, in Jerusalem, and His New Jerusalem. God gave all nations as Christ's possessions. Christ will reign over earthly leaders. He'll break rebellious nations. Christ will shatter and dispense them so they'll have no citizenship. Just as the Father, Son, and Spirit created humanity from the earth, God's anointed King can shatter the earthenware, humanity.

David spoke to rebellious people of all time. He commanded:

  • Show discernment.
  • Take warning.
  • Worship the Lord with reverence.
  • Rejoice with trembling.
  • Do homage.
Much better than these commands, David revealed God's covenant with His people who worship, praise, and honor Him. He cried out, "How blessed are all who take refuge in Him!" David proclaimed about God's anger against scheming kings, rulers, judges and us. We are like the rebellious leaders when we rebel against God and His truths. God gave His Son as sacrifice for our rebelliousness. He can be our refuge from temptations and sin. Worship God with reverence. Rejoice with trembling. Receive God's gift of salvation, then understand and show homage to Him.

Oh LORD, help us to see Your mercy and love and to walk in Your ways. Lead us to find refuge in You.


Follower of the Lord for 39.5 years. Missionary, Bible study writer and teacher, ESL teacher. Refugee ministry. I like being a wife and parent, reading, teaching, writing, studying, and singing. I love my family. Author of Miracle of Faith and Foundation of Faith: Bible Studies through Deuteronomy.