Watch ye, stand fast in faith, quit you like men, be strong. (1 Corinthians 16:13)

We're each weak and fail in some of our goals in life whether it’s to eat better, exercise more, help the needy, and read our Bibles. Each of us proved ourselves unfaithful to our personal goals already this year. We are fallible and sinful.

Paul closed his first letter to the Corinthians reminding and encouraging them to be alert and firm in the faith. He told them to stand fast and be active in their faith–act out their love for God by obeying Him.

Paul encouraged and reminded the believers to act like strong men-be brave like and take a firm stand for God. Since the Corinthian believers came from a Gentile background surrounded by a pantheon of gods, it would have been easy to return to their old ways. Paul challenged and encouraged them to bravely take a strong stand for Christ. He told them even when everyone around them worshipped other gods and ridiculed them, stand fast and strong in their faith in Jesus.

How active is your faith? Do you stand firm when non-Christians surround you and mock you? Are you strong in your faith in the face of ridicule, slander, and persecution?

Paul was no stranger to persecution. He was a prime example for the Corinthian Christians on how to be active, firm, and strong in the faith.
  • Be active in your faith 
  • Stand firm in your faith in Jesus
  • Bravely face adversity 

Stay committed to God; He is committed to you

Lord, please help us to be strong in our faith walk with You even if others mock persecute us? Help us ever to be obedient to You.


Follower of the Lord for 39.5 years. Missionary, Bible study writer and teacher, ESL teacher. Refugee ministry. I like being a wife and parent, reading, teaching, writing, studying, and singing. I love my family. Author of Miracle of Faith and Foundation of Faith: Bible Studies through Deuteronomy.