And Elijah said unto Ahab, Get thee up, eat and drink; for there is a sound of abundance of rain. (1 King 18:41)

I'm from Florida, and I never knew the meaning of needing rain until now. At some point, we usually get it…and plenty of it. Recently, I heard of a missionary friend, who is in another country, pleading for rain…and I have several friends in Texas that need this kind of rain. I’m not a big fan of rain personally, but I do realize the benefits it provides to so many.

I often think of the farmers, as I’m now in Georgia. I sat in my living room this afternoon watching the rain pour down so hard, I could hear the pitter patter going on my roof top. It makes me think of them. I begin to pray that they got the same kind of rain I did.

Looking at the rain pouring down outside my window, I realized that sometimes it is the simpliest of things that we are so blessed with. We forget sometimes, how so many do not have the comforts we often do.  I think of my missionary friend I spoke of earlier, and how they are suffering in their country for even the simpliest things as having water to drink, because their dams and rivers are so dry.

For today, I choose to be grateful for the rain and the sounds of the pitter patter on my roof top, that make me realize how blessed I am in life. I think of Elijah, and how he prayed many times for rain. Going and seeing, and still nothing, yet, God keeps telling him to go. Almost giving up, he finally went again, and the heavens opened up! Down came the rain! Yes, God still answers prayer!

Father , thank you for the rain you bless us with. Amen.

Christine M Miller-Ramey

Christine M Miller-Ramey is the owner of With God Daily, formerly known as Knitted Together by God. Although her favorite hobby is being a photographer in her spare time, she also enjoys dabbling in a bit of writing. She has had several devotionals published in online websites, and devotional books. She enjoys spreading God’s Word through her written words in hopes of spreading good cheer and encouragement to those who read it. On her weekends, she spends time at the local concerts in her home town, shooting anything from Southern Gospel…to Bluegrass music. It’s her first love. But through them both, God has shown her what He desires of her, and in doing so, she desires to share her gifts with others. When she is not snapping photos or blogging, she enjoys doing crafts at home, and spending quality time with her family and her shitzu, Harley at home in Jacksonville, Florida.