Let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream. (Amos 5:23-24)

In Amos 5:24, God told the Israelites to be just and righteous. The LORD rejected their “worship” songs. They were merely noise and chaos. Their songs lacked true devotion to God, which comes from the heart, mind, and soul. Amos gave vivid imagery. He told them to let justice roll down like water. Justice is righteousness in action - taking care of the poor and putting away violence. Justice runs down. When water flows downward, it moves with power. It moves stones, unhinges rocks, and displaces dirt. The justice Amos commanded the Israelites to let roll down comes from the LORD. When it comes down over a person, God removes the hard places and sin stains. He creates newness of life. Amos commanded the Israelites to let it affect them, “let justice roll down.” Do not block the channel from God to your heart. Let God do justice - make you clean and righteous.

Amos also commanded the Israelites to let righteousness be “an ever-flowing stream.” The LORD’s waters of justice aren’t stagnant, but flowing. When we decide to “live our own lives,” we choose to stop that flow. Amos told the Israelites to let God’s righteousness continue through their hearts as an ever-flowing stream to people around them. Be righteous. An ever-flowing stream smooth's stones, makes a deeper stream bed, and allows people a constant water supply upon which they can count for sustenance. Amos told the Israelites to let God’s justice and righteousness flow on and through them. Be made right with the LORD and let it affect them.

Lord , thank you for your righteousness and cleansing. Make us clean with your rolling waters.


Follower of the Lord for 39.5 years. Missionary, Bible study writer and teacher, ESL teacher. Refugee ministry. I like being a wife and parent, reading, teaching, writing, studying, and singing. I love my family. Author of Miracle of Faith and Foundation of Faith: Bible Studies through Deuteronomy.