To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven—(Ecclesiastes 3:1)

This last year, I had to move to a new town. I was not excited about the move. Now looking back on things,  I can see clearer and honestly say, I needed this “change of season” in my life. Sometimes, change can sneak upon us. And sometimes, change is exactly what we need in life.

Truthfully, anyone that knows me--knew I wasn’t happy about moving. But, my attitude was wrong. I found by finding a new church home, and by being active in things around town, my perspective changed. I could see things in a whole new light. It’s still not exactly how I had things in my old town, but I’m learning to grow, and become content with how things are now.

Change is not easy. Solomon knew change well in Ecclesiastes. He knew how hard it was--but he also knew God ordained the challenging moments he was in. He knew God had a purpose. With that said, how cool it must of been for Solomon to pause and wonder in that moment he wrote those words, that God was who he said he was without a doubt! He knew that the things he was going through, was for a purpose and all would be okay. Simply because, God ordained it!

Just like in our lives, change happens. Sometimes, we don’t like the change that takes place. But when we stop to realize like Solomon, that it was truly God's plan, and for his purpose, what a difference it makes! It literally changes our whole perspective, like it did for me! No, change isn’t easy, but sometimes necessary in life. God makes that difference.

Father, I am thankful for the simple teachable moments, even when it involves change. Amen.

Christine M Miller-Ramey

Christine M Miller-Ramey is the owner of With God Daily, formerly known as Knitted Together by God. Although her favorite hobby is being a photographer in her spare time, she also enjoys dabbling in a bit of writing. She has had several devotionals published in online websites, and devotional books. She enjoys spreading God’s Word through her written words in hopes of spreading good cheer and encouragement to those who read it. On her weekends, she spends time at the local concerts in her home town, shooting anything from Southern Gospel…to Bluegrass music. It’s her first love. But through them both, God has shown her what He desires of her, and in doing so, she desires to share her gifts with others. When she is not snapping photos or blogging, she enjoys doing crafts at home, and spending quality time with her family and her shitzu, Harley at home in Jacksonville, Florida.