For with You is the fountain of Life; in Your light we see light. Psalm 36:9

The ability to work through situations when life gets tough is totally different with God. His light from within offers continuous companionship, and we’re able to face adversity with ease.  His ways, wisdom, and light, will provide all that we need in the direst of circumstances.  The issues aren’t so suffocating with Christ; we’re able to breathe with His help.  He guides, instructs, and makes us able to withstand the fires unscathed.

We are His and His alone. 

He is the Creator of the Universe, and of all things. 

We can build a road and have the knowledge to do so…but who is the supplier of the tools needed to in fact, build the road?  We can ride an automobile, but we need the keys to start the engine.  God is the key to ALL things in our life.

He is the fountain of life.  He moves upon the face of this earth, and His Spirit lives within those that believe.  He is our breath…His hands move upon our lives in a regiment fashion.  His goal and promises are indelible, impregnable, and undeniable.

Dear Lord, thank You, without You, there is no life, in Jesus’ name, Amen

CD Swanson

C D SWANSON is a published author of 20 books, which include both fiction and non-fiction. In addition, she contributes to online magazines, which includes this website, and her own devotional website. Happily married to her teenage sweetheart, and are parents to a “furry son.” Retired from a career as a Director/counselor in nursing homes, she continues to advocate for the elderly and volunteers for several organizations.